Center for Convivial Research and Autonomy

The Center for Convivial Research and Autonomy (CCRA) is a grassroots collective dedicated to exploring the intersections between collective pedagogies, convivial research, and local capacity-building. The CCRA’s investment in co-learning spaces and grassroots research projects makes available critical analytical skills, research tools, facilitation techniques, and community service strategies that address the intersections of environmental regeneration, community well-being, food sovereignty, and community safety. The CCRA facilitates a number of interconnected co-learning spaces that convene culture-bearers, de-professionalized intellectuals, community-based scholars, and convivial researchers to celebrate diverse knowledges, share movement building resources from within the local community, and promote democratic practices toward community empowerment. One of CCRA's principal projects, Universidad de la Tierra Califas, claims a number of active grassroots learning spaces that work together to contribute to the regeneration of community: reclaiming commons, facilitating intercultural and intergenerational dialogues, and reconstructing a social infrastructure of convivial spaces. The Uni-Tierra Califas currently convenes two strategic ateneos, or horizontal community-centered learning spaces. Ateneos have become increasingly popular, emerging alongside and a part of movement spaces.